How can we change the course of the climate crisis?

Climate change is not an issue that will disappear during 2020, as it increasingly affects us in a more negative way. Having this as a starting point, TED has partnered with scientists and activists around the world, among others, to launch the Countdown campaign. The objective is to change the course of the climate crisis.

Dear humans, our home is in danger. That is the message issued by TED to raise awareness about the climate crisis. Its global project ‘Countdown’ aims to find a way to change the world to a place with zero greenhouse emissions.

We are all part of this movement

Politicians, CEOs of large companies, influencers, young and old. From TED they appeal to each and every one of the inhabitants of the planet, because each person has a role that can alleviate the climate crisis.

“We have the opportunity to avoid a climate catastrophe if we work together.” Thus continues the discourse of the organization. And how do we work together? They propose to answer 5 questions, from a scientific point of view:

  1. How quickly can we get 100% clean energy?

The exact speed is difficult to calculate, but what is shown is that reducing the cost of renewable energy would achieve better results. The road to the goal of having 100% clean energy would be less expensive.

  1. Do we need to rebuild our surroundings?

As long as spaces or constructions that are harmful to the environment are used to a large extent, this option should be considered. And the same goes for materials that are used daily in creation processes, such as plastic, a great pollutant.

  1. How can we transform the way we move?

It is time to rethink the designs of cars, trucks, ships and airplanes of the 21st century. With means of transport more respectful of the environment it would be to change the course of the climate crisis.

  1. How can a change be made towards healthier food systems?

If we were able to go around our eating habits we could have a much more nutritious future. Currently, the abundant packaging made with non-degradable plastics and the increase in the consumption of junk food, among others, disadvantage the nutritional value of the food we eat.

  1. Is it possible to re-green the Earth?

How beautiful is the verb re-green! With conscious action, our forests and oceans could help us return to a stable carbon cycle. This would save many species, including ourselves.

The countdown to stop the climate crisis has already started, do you join the movement?

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