Google launches its own Minecraft to create 3D games in minutes

3D games

With a graphic style very similar to the popular Minecraft, Google Game Builder is a tool to create games in minutes and play with games from other creators.

As its name implies, Game Builder is a game creator, a tool that through the game allows you to create new games with the same ease with which you can play titles like Minecraft, on which Game Builder is based.

Minecraft’s popularity is such that it even has clones like Roblox, which has also had great success. And its success is that from one game you can create more games and custom scenarios from scratch to share with other players.

Hence, Area 120, Google’s division for experimental products, set out to create its own version of Minecraft to design games with the same ease. Hence arises Google Game Builder, available for Windows and macOS.

Interestingly, the project was added to Steam in November 2018, but it is not until recently that it is available to play thanks to the Steam program of Early Access Game, or to understand us, that the application is still in development and we can test it before be available in its final version.

Create or play, alone or accompanied
If you have tried any Minecraft, Game Builder will sound a lot to you. It is a virtual space where you can play games created by other users and / or create your own games with the help of graphic tools with menus that show what elements we can add to the stage. And at the graphic level, it stands out for its 3D and cartoon touch based on the 3D models created by Google in its Google Poly project.

The main advantage of Game Builder is that it does not require programming knowledge, an advantage shared with Minecraft and that it is an improvement of previous proposals such as Scratch, a tool to learn to program games and applications for the youngest.

This does not mean that we must configure the behavior of the characters or elements of our game, something very easy to do thanks to its logic card system. In addition, Game Builder allows to see the generated source code to alter it if we want. For this we only need knowledge of JavaScript.

Another advantage of Game Builder is that it allows you to play and create alone but also with other players, that is, we can play with other participants but also create games with two or more people at once, through the internet and from Game Builder.

Google Game Builder serves as a game platform and creation tool, so we will not need to leave this app for Windows and macOS to play and create.

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