Gardening makes you happy because of a bacteria

We are used to benefit from nature through a multitude of sources. Recently it has been discovered that the earth is one of them. The soil is home to a very beneficial bacteria, called Mycobacterium vaccae.

That you like to dedicate yourself to gardening has a scientific explanation. The reason we feel happy taking care of a garden is a bacterium.

And, the contact with nature is vital for human happiness. Its benefits include the practice of exercise, socialization or exposure to natural light. It is no accident that children enjoy playing with mud and running in the park. In fact, a clear connection is established between good mental health and being raised in a rural area, surrounded by green areas.

David Strachan corroborated the hygiene hypothesis in 1989, where he validated that people who live far from green places with the presence of farm animals tend to suffer problems in their immune system that cause allergies and asthma.

The University of Colorado discovered a bacterium that had effects on people with depression. Its name is Mycobacterium vaccae, a non-pathogenic bacteria that can be found in the earth.

Earth Garden Happiness Bacteria
In their study they found that Mycobacterium vaccae significantly increased serotonin and norepinephrine levels in the brains of mice. The effect of the bacteria is equivalent to drugs such as Prozac, commonly used to control depression. The contact with the earth would therefore be a natural antidepressant.

The benefits of the bacteria also included anti-stress effects. Not only a greater tolerance, but also a slower response to it.

Mycobacterium vaccae has been used in studies related to chemotherapy, improving the quality of life of patients. The bacteria alleviated nausea and pain, improving your immune system. The study authors claimed to ignore the molecular mechanisms that make the bacteria have anti-inflammatory effects.

Lowry and his team have recently presented a study confirming the person responsible for the qualities of the bacteria: a fatty acid.

By isolating this fatty acid it will be possible to use it as a vaccine to return the cells immune to inflammation.

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