Explain it better with timelines

Timelines help us to know and explain the history or evolution of a process or product in a graphic and attractive way.

Along with slide shows, infographics are one of the most innovative graphic resources that give more play to give a talk or exhibition. In the case of infographics, freedom is broader and allows us to include all kinds of graphic and even interactive elements. Within the infographics, timelines or timelines are very practical to summarize a period of time, a historical fact or can even be used to design an original curriculum vitae.

And besides being a useful resource, it is very easy to create using free online tools found on the Internet. Here are several examples.

Visme allows you to create all kinds of documents, infographics and presentations. In addition, it has its own timeline tool called Visme Timeline Infographics.

From your browser you can launch a timeline from templates that give us everything done. But to provide our own customization, we can use icons, fonts and backgrounds provided by Visme.

Visme allows you to save the timeline, share it on social networks or download it to manipulate or print it.

Together with Visme, Lucidchart is another online app to design professional infographics from the browser and in a matter of minutes. And among its tools, it offers Online Timelines from figures, fonts and any element you want to include. With your free account you will be able to launch a timeline with the information you need to include and adorning it with graphic elements provided by the Lucidchart online editor itself.

Once the timelines are finished, Lucidchart allows you to share them by email and in any application such as Slack or similar.

With Time.Graphics we will have a specific tool for this type of graphic resource.

Intuitive and easy to use, Time.Graphics works through controls that adapt to the task we are doing. With trial and error we will find everything we need and achieve timelines that include information or images.

Another of its many advantages is that we can export the timelines created in Google Drive, Dropbox or download them in various formats. In addition, we can save them online in public or private mode.

Vizzlo Timeline Chart
Vizzlo is another compendium of graphic solutions to create from templates. And among its specialized tools it has Vizzlo Timeline Chart, which will make it easy for us to design timelines or timelines.

With a rather sober style, Vizzlo plays with the fonts and colors to obtain timelines with the information provided by ourselves. In any case, the result is professional and we can download the timeline or keep it online.

Vizzlo offers templates, themes and color palettes so we don’t start from scratch. In addition, the default account is free, although to create private timelines we must checkout.

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