Equinox Solidario: 150 hackers gather for 24 hours to help the Red Cross Spain

The Equinox Solidario is a technological initiative of Telefónica that brings together different profiles of the hacker world. For 24 hours, attendees can unleash their creativity to develop a functional prototype that facilitates the work of the Red Cross Spain.

The clock says 11:30 and the Auditorium 42 of Madrid begins to fill up little by little. Nervous gestures, emotion and joy are appreciated. There are many friendly faces that greet each other and look around for a clue that tells them when the Equinox Solidario will start. The volume of the audience begins to rise among the attendees until Iñaki Ayucar, Head of Software of Telefónica, appears, goes on stage and is done with all the attention of the attendees.

“It is the most cool event of Telefónica. And this edition even more, because it has a solidarity value. We think we can make a difference and do very cool things. ”

We are facing 150 expectant people. We find hackers, designers, programmers … in the Equinox any profile can participate as long as it adds up and allows your team to meet the objective. A good part of the auditorium is made up of Telefónica employees. The other, young but sure, comes from 42, the most revolutionary and pioneering programming campus in Spain. We also found many people connected to streaming ready to participate in this Hack Day from other locations of the Company.

“We face the challenge with enthusiasm. It is the first group activity we have and the fact that it can have a transfer to the outside world, to the real world, and face real problems, encourages us a lot. ”

Borja Vélez Salces, student of 42
Before them they appear 24 hours to carry out a functional product. Some have already participated in other editions while, for others, it is their first time. However, this fact is not an advantage for any of the participants: What the jury assesses are the ideas, the quality of the user interface and the potential impact it may have. “There is no place for PorwePoints here,” says Iñaki Ayucar.

Equinox Solidario: When technology is at the service of humanitarian projects
Today the mail is not checked. Nor if there are meetings. Today the only objective has been to promote teamwork, join efforts and bring technological solutions to the Red Cross Spain. The competition becomes an incentive, but not the engine to achieve the goal.

“There are a lot of Red Cross projects that are not known,” said José Castillo, Director of Red Cross Systems Spain. La Tahona, a family center in Granada, is one of them. Blockchain, data analysis (open data predictive models) and the use of voice to fill out filiation forms or detect moods of the people they help, have been the three lines that have been raised to guide participants of the Equinox Solidario.

 José Castillo, Director of Red Cross Systems Spain

In total 13 proposals distributed between Madrid, Granada, London and Valladolid, were the protagonists of the last hours of Hack Day. Between yawns, nerves and, especially, a lot of enthusiasm, the participants defended their technological solutions before the jury with genuine passion for the cause of the Red Cross.

And, how could it be otherwise, they all met expectations: Original, creative and valuable, where they all added real value. Some provided solutions to improve the connection between volunteers and the needs generated in humanitarian causes; Others offered support for women who had suffered gender violence or social exclusion groups. Dynamics were also presented to favor the psychomotor skills of the elderly and entertain the little ones through recycling.

Among all the proposals presented, the participants showed that technology must be at the service of people, but that it is in our hands to use all the tools we have available to build a more just and supportive society.

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