Discover the new features of Movistar Home: live radio, Twitter Moments and time

Now with Movistar Home it is possible to listen to the radio, watch the most significant news from Twitter, or ask the weather information, among other new services.

The new update of the Movistar Home device, brings with it new functionalities related to weather forecast, radio and news, as well as developments in the design and usability of the services that were already integrated in the device.

The daily news and weather

Every morning, Movistar Home shows the user the most outstanding news from Twitter. This functionality will be displayed automatically on Movistar Home start cards that come out in carousel mode on the device and change news throughout the day. It can also be accessed through the voice command “Ok Aura, tell me the news.”

Another of the novelties that can already be accessed is to know the meteorological information of the next hours and in subsequent days with the request “Ok Aura, what is the weather going to do?”.

IVoox radio stations

In this new update, the user can have an extensive catalog of live radio stations thanks to the technology of the iVoox platform, implemented exclusively in Movistar Home. When this functionality is accessed, it can be done through the radio card and by selecting the desired station in a tactile way, or by asking Aura to play the channel you want to listen to at the moment, such as “OK Aura , put Wave Zero ”.

Best user experience

In addition to the functionalities that have been incorporated, the existing functionalities have been optimized, both in the appearance of the games offered by the device, and in matters of reproduction of content on television. “Now you can be watching content on television and in the meantime the Movistar Home screen will give you additional information about it automatically,” explains José Rodríguez, Product Manager of Movistar Home.

Likewise, Aura can make emergency calls or to the police when the user needs it through the vocal command “OK Aura, call the police”. Discover all this and much more through the web.

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