Detect plagiarism with these solutions to compare texts

In the educational and academic world or in the professional world, comparing texts is a useful task to detect plagiarism and copies.

Some say that everything is already invented, but that does not mean that we can achieve a certain degree of originality. And from there to plagiarism there is a long way.

Whether due to laziness, ignorance, lack of time or a thousand and one reasons, copying texts until plagiarism is something we can find in our profession or in our time at the institute or university. How to fight it?

Below, we list several examples of tools available from your browser so you can compare texts and thus know if both are identical or if the differences are considerable. In some cases you can also use already created documents, and in others it is enough to paste the content.

Text Compare!

First, a very simple but effective tool to compare texts and find differences and similarities. Text Compare! it allows you to paste the original text and the copy and, by clicking on Compare !, you will get the differences marked and, blank, the similarities.

In addition to comparing you can edit both texts at any time and repeat the search for similarities as many times as you want.

For the rest, Text Compare! It does not save the compared texts on its servers. As an addition, you can remove capital letters and shorten lines, among other changes, from the Edit texts drop-down …

Compare Text

Copyleaks offers different tools for the detection of plagiarism and to analyze two documents and compare them with each other. One of these solutions is free and online, Compare Text, and serves precisely to see two texts and automatically find similarities.

Paste both texts, click on Compare! and you will get the result highlighted by colors. Depending on the length of the text it may take more or less. As an incentive, it is also possible to compare PDF, DOC, PPT, RTF, TXT and HTML documents.

Compare Text works with any language and shows identical fragments, minor changes or, in the case of English, synonyms or similar expressions.


Compatible with more than 190 languages, Plagiarism allows you to find duplicate texts on Google and Bing from the text you paste in the corresponding field, from your link or from a document type TXT, DOC, PPT, XLS, PDF or ePub . It even has a version for Windows and Android.

Instead of comparing texts, Plagiarism searches if there is any text that matches the one you are looking for, that is, it helps you find the original document on which the one you are using is based.

Plagiarism limits the search to 2,000 characters, a restriction that you can skip if you register for free on its official website.


Through several online sources, Quetext analyzes a text and searches for an original document or article on which it has been based excessively.

Available for free and with a more complete version of payment, Quetext allows searches of texts of up to 500 words. In the paid version the limit is 25,000 words and includes documents and a more thorough search.

At the end of the analysis, Quetext will highlight the copied text fragments and indicate the original source.

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