Despistaos and Fundación Telefónica, united to enhance the talent of young people

This noon the project ‘We are all clueless’ has been presented. An initiative carried out by the Spanish rock music group Despistaos, in collaboration with Fundación Telefónica and Warner Music España.

The Spanish rock band Despistaos has presented the #TodosSomosDespistaos campaign at the Fundación Telefónica. An initiative that serves to foster the importance of the effort and perseverance of students to achieve their purposes beyond those of the qualifications they receive.

In this event, a round table was held with Sol Alonso as moderator, Daniel Marco and José Krespo, members of the rock group and finally some celebrities who have participated in the campaign such as Miriam Fernández, Jorge Luengo, Chema Alonso and Javi Nieves .

74% of students are concerned about test scores causing anxiety and often triggers school failure. It should be said that Spain is one of the countries with the highest rate of school failure.

“Now almost all of us are parents and many times we wonder if our children can achieve their purposes and with determination we can make those wishes come true,” said Daniel, leader of the Despistaos group. In this sense, Miriam Fernández explained that dedicating something that you like and activates you is the difference between “that a Monday seems good and eager for you instead of not being happy”.

For his part, Jorge Luengo pointed to the viewers that we all have a common denominator of wanting to get what we want and that it is important to study so that we can choose what we want to be in the future. “If you fight for your passion, you set a goal, it is easier to achieve.” The speaker is known as an illusionist, but he had a past as a teacher and did not explain his experience as a teacher. “Teachers are the most applied people and we have a privilege to help children learn, but they don’t know what the right objective is. We have to teach future generations to solve all problems. ”

The cybersecurity hacker, Chema Alonso, told about his experience as a student. “I was a very good student, but I was not sure what I wanted to be when I grew up. I liked technology, but I never thought I’d end up being a hacker. ”

Finally, Javi Nieves, a journalist and radio host, told how his vocation as a communicator emerged since he was a child. “I had the gift of knowing what my vocation was and of achieving it even though I was not a student of good grades,” he explained.

All the protagonists have a point in common: they failed sometime in their lives and managed to overcome those obstacles without neglecting the proposed objectives. “Understand that every fall you have to learn to get up and failure is part of the success,” said Miriam Fernández.

At the end of the event, Dani Marco and José Krespo performed an acoustic concert of the song ‘Shout my name loudly’

Shout my name loudly: a solidarity initiative
Shout loudly my name is a song to all those people who persecute and fight for their dreams. A song for those who have ever been “clueless” and have not stopped fighting to make their vocation a way of life.

For this reason, in order to enhance multiple intelligences in schools, part of the income generated by the song will go to Fundación Telefónica to collaborate on educational projects that promote this idea.

You still don’t know the new song of Despistaos? You can hear Shout my name loudly on Spotify and you can buy it from the Apple Store. And share your experiences as a student on Twitter through the #TodosSomosDespistaos hastag.

Because until we discover our true potential in life, we are not unsuccessful. We are all “mislead”!

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