Daimler for the development of combustion engines in favor of electric

In Daimler they have made a revealing decision: they have stopped the development of new combustion engines to focus on electric ones.

The German automotive giant Daimler has made the decision to stop the development of combustion engines. This means that it will no longer invest in research and creation of new engines of this type. The company has announced it, through its development chief Markus Schaefer, and emphasizing that resources will be devoted to new electric motors.

The decision is of symbolic importance within the industry. The drag capacity that Daimler has is huge within the German automobile sector and also globally. But the company was also the first, more than 120 years ago, to invent the gasoline engine.

Daimler will only make some improvements to the combustion engines that already exist, but the new model they have launched will be the last. At least for now. There will not be a next generation, unless the company changes its idea and strategy. Now it seems that efforts are aimed at optimizing electric motors.

It is no news that Daimler pays attention to electric. He has been working on them and batteries for some time. So much so that the company invested 500 million euros in building a battery factory in Germany. Acquiring scale in this component is essential to optimize the costs of new electric. Maybe that’s why the company has followed the example of Tesla and has started selling domestic batteries.

combustion engine development

One more step of the industry

The relevance of Daimler is such that its decision can be considered a step of the industry in the direction of electric cars. It seems that now the question is when a mass adoption of these vehicles will be achieved and at what rate the replacement of the cars will occur. But it is clear that it will come.

Daimler’s decision indicates that the company sees the change in the short-medium term. There are several factors that indicate that this will be the case. Cities have begun to ban internal combustion cars, it is true that from 2030 and 2040. Awareness of climate change has become a central issue in recent months. The trends speak clearly.

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