Cyberbullying reaches collaborative platforms

Due to the misuse of technologies, many teenagers can be victims of this practice through social networks, but also through collaborative platforms.

Bullying is a problem that makes a dent in our society and is affecting many young people. With the arrival of mobile phones and the Internet, these unfortunate practices have been growing, unleashing a stronger and uncontrollable movement, which is cyberbullying.

It is a chase type that occurs mainly through mobile devices. As? Many stalkers take photos or videos of their victims with their own phones that spread for illegal purposes on social networks such as Instagram or WhatsApp.

From mobile to computer
According to one study, cyberbullying is increased more in those schools that are prohibited from using mobile phones in their classrooms. Something that causes many young people to use desktop devices, and, in particular, work platforms such as Google Drive.

This type of persecution occurs when a group of young people create supposed working groups on shared document platforms.

This can serve as an excuse for teachers and parents, giving the feeling before them that they are working to lower their guard.

These types of platforms allow assigning tasks to other users. Well, in this case young people can assign tasks to their victim by proposing tests that put their integrity at risk, as has happened with several “challenges” that have become viral for young people.

Another reason for using these platforms is that they allow you to edit texts in real time. That is, what a user writes appears on the screens of the other members. This may be easier when publishing something committed from a partner and delete it instantly.

It should be said that since they are tools designed for professional work, they have a version history. Therefore, what seems to leave no trace, actually leaves it.

Say no to cyberbullying
To stop and prevent the appearance of these activities on the network it is necessary to follow several recommendations.

For the youngest, we advise you not to publish personal data on social networks. If they are victims of unwanted messages it is advisable not to follow the stalker’s game, and, in any case, it is appropriate to cut off any kind of communication with that person and inform an adult or an authority.

For parents we recommend that you connect with your children and talk about network security. Another tip is to use the parental control system so that children do not enter inappropriate social networks.

And, most importantly, support children at all times in case they are victims of cyberbullying.

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