Cows with virtual reality glasses to improve milk quality

In Russia they have placed virtual reality glasses on cows to reduce animal stress and improve milk quality.

The experiment that has been carried out on the outskirts of Moscow is extravagant, but it does not lack interest. In some farms of large owners, near the Russian capital, farmers have tried to place virtual reality glasses to cows.

The goal is for these animals to be abstracted from their reality. And it is that the cows live in small spaces, nothing to do with the open field. So in these farms they have thought about moving these animals through virtual reality to another more pleasant place.

Glasses adapted for cows have been created and they have introduced country landscapes, relaxing. This meant that instead of seeing the gray, overpopulated space around them, they have open fields in view, with a more pleasant view.

The farmers have verified that the stress levels of the cows have decreased with virtual reality. Although there is no evidence yet that the glasses improve the quality of milk that animals give.

realidad virtual a las vacas

This is the next step for Russian farmers. His idea is to know now if virtual reality can have an impact on the quality of milk that cows give. For this they will need a new study and a larger sample.

Livestock opens arms to technology

The application of virtual reality to cows attracts attention, but is framed in a trend. The leading technology has begun to land in the livestock sector. Also in relation to cows there are projects that monitor the specimens through wearables.

Telefónica’s project with Cattle-Watch showed the usefulness of having the cows connected. From certain sensors it is possible to know if a specimen is sick, if it is going to give birth or if it is well fed.

In New Zealand they have applied another new technology to livestock. These are the drones, which are already used to shepherd sheep. The hum of one of these devices flying over the flock is enough to guide them.

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