Control the time you spend working with Trello or GitHub

On several occasions I have said that time is one of the most valuable resources we have. Knowing how to use it and monitor it is the key to working more and better.

Whether you are self-employed, freelance or employed, monitoring the time you spend working is important. For you, because that way you’ll know how much you need to accomplish your goals. Thus you will know the hours dedicated to your work, very useful in order to economically and qualitatively assess your workday as well as to improve your work routines.

Although we have abundant tools to better organize ourselves in our task execution, alone or in teams, it is not so common that these same tools help us to count the resource hours of work. Mainly because they focus on tasks and processes, people involved and, at most, backup resources such as documentation.

Examples of this type of utilities to organize teams or our daily tasks are many. The most popular are Trello, Asana, Jira or Basecamp. And, precisely, the tool we are going to talk about time management works hand in hand with those utilities. Of those and GitHub.

Valuing time to your measure
He said that time is one of the resources to which we spend less time, no matter the redundancy. In the current organizational systems we talk about tasks, human resources involved and projects. And although periods of time are required to manage these tasks and the derived meetings, the time spent is not counted as it should.

The purpose of Everhour is to help us count the time spent in our professional day to day. And to facilitate this task, it can be integrated with development tools such as GitHub or with task managers for teams such as those mentioned above, Trello, Asana, Jira or Basecamp. However, you can continue using Everhour separately or in parallel to other task management tools.

Like other solutions like that, Everhour allows you to press a button to start counting the time we are devoting to something. This button can be pressed again to stop the counter or pause it if we suffer an interruption. By accounting for our time and / or that of colleagues or people in our care, we will be able to generate that information that will help us know if we are doing well. Also if we can improve the hours used and, in addition, give a value to that time in case we need to provide invoices.

Everhour allows you to track the time spent on each task, for each team member, obtain reports for periods of time, make estimates of previous hours and then compare them with real time, set reminders …

For the rest, Everhour works exclusively online, as do many of the tools we use today. To start using it you just need to register by pressing the Sign up button. Optionally, you can install the official extensions for Google Chrome and Mozilla Firefox. You can also use its services from your iPhone with its official app.

By default, Everhour is free, being able to count the hours worked for up to 5 users. Of course, if you want to take advantage of Everhour integrations in tools such as Trello or GitHub, you must use a paid subscription of the two available, one for individual users and one for computers.

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