Control of live television in Movistar Home with the “are you watching” card

Movistar Home has a new functionality to control the contents that are being played on television. Through the “you are watching” card, it is possible to know how much content is left in Movistar +, move forward or backward 15 seconds or use the cursor to go to a specific point in the movie.

In addition to the control of Movistar + with the voice through Aura, Movistar Home now incorporates touch controls on the “you are watching” card, both for live television programs and for the contents of the Movistar + catalog.

To access this functionality, from the main screen of Movistar Home we must move to the right and we will see the “you are watching” card that will show us the name of the program, its cover, where it is located and the controls that allow to handle Its reproduction.

Control live television

For the programs that are being broadcast it is possible to stop them for a moment while we go to the kitchen or put them from the beginning if we are late. Through the Movistar Home screen it is also possible to know how advanced the live content is and return to it if we want.

Movistar Home

See that scene again

For the contents of the Movistar + catalog, such as series or movies, it is often interesting to go back to listen to a phrase or skip a boring scene. Now with the touch control it is possible to jump only a few seconds forward or backward.

In addition, with the cursor of the point of reproduction, the children can go again and again to that scene of ‘Frozen’ that they like so much without having to advance to 32x and succeed with the instant.

Movistar Home

Both for live content and for the catalog, whenever we access the “you are watching” card, we will also see how much time is left for a content to finish, so that we will not have to press the OK button on the remote and step on the subtitles.

The television control incorporated in this “you are watching” card offers a new way of controlling television for those times when we do not find the remote and we have the Movistar Home nearby.

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