Complete guide to visit Edinburgh

Complete guide to visit Edinburgh

After six years living in Edinburgh, we have received many visits from friends and family who have given us the opportunity to teach our wonderful city from end to end.

We have friends as different as crazy about history who spent six hours inside Edinburgh Castle (without exaggeration) or Michelin star gourmet with an excessive interest in Scottish cuisine.

Without wanting to be, we have become a kind of amateur tour guides, but we love Edinburgh and accompanying travelers who discover it for the first time is a pleasure.

Some of the traveling readers of The Travel Blog have also written us with questions asking what to see and what to visit in Edinburgh, that we always respond delighted … and we must confess that on more than one occasion we have encouraged ourselves to have coffee with you when busy schedules allowed.

The truth is that our dream is to be able to walk around the Royal Mile or the New Town with all of you, telling you what we have learned during all the time we have been here. The best way to make it possible is to write a travel guide for you to visit Edinburgh by our hand.

In a series of posts we organize your trip to Edinburgh, day by day, with great detail and alternatives for all tastes; as if we were with you walking up and down.

How does this free Edinburgh guide work?

This guide follows a cumulative principle: the more days you stay, the more things you will see; But we have made sure that the most important ones are in the first few days so that if you only come for a weekend, do not miss the most critical thing to visit in Edinburgh. For example, if you come for a weekend, focus on the first two days. If you come five days, add days 3, 4 and 5 … and so on.
The guide assumes that you have already seen what we have proposed in previous days. For example, if on the first day we have proposed you to see Edinburgh Castle, we already take it for granted and it will not appear again in the following days. That is why it is important that you follow the established order or you will miss things if you skip days.
The only thing you have to check on your own are the schedules of some sites, as they may vary slightly … and we don’t want you to miss anything.
To organize the trip we have followed our well-known travelers principles:
Our opinions are 100% honest and nobody has asked us to recommend this or that,
– We propose a low cost trip (although if someone wants a more luxurious itinerary, they just have to write to us, we also know where to take you)
We always give visibility to vegetarian and vegan traveling alternatives.

At the end of each post you will find a simple downloadable one where you will have everything ready to print and do not miss what to visit in Edinburgh. The end of going to handlebar is over and then clean and mix the “closes” with the “hills”: we will save you a lot of time and you will have everything organized in the purest style of The Travel Blog .

We have even put a part for your comments: we are leaving!

If you don’t like the itinerary, we will refund your money! (Wait, wait, what money or money, if this organization of your trip to Edinburgh we are giving it to you for free?) 😛

Come on a trip to Edinburgh with us!
Two-day trip to Edinburgh: the super essential that you cannot miss divided into two posts – first day and second day.

Third day in Edinburgh: some things that are interesting, but not essential; the hidden gems that if you don’t have time to visit, nobody would miss them
Fourth day in Edinburgh: leaving Edinburgh on same-day getaways

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