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The week returns in a minute, the news in which we review the most relevant news on These are the most prominent headlines:

The 5G pilot project in Galicia, promoted by the Ministry of Economy and Business through and led by Telefónica, was presented in Vigo. The project will implement 8 cases of 5G use in fields such as driving, industry 4.0 or healthcare.

This is one of the two 5G pilot projects that the Government has promoted for the development of this technology in Spain.

  • Microsoft’s tips to succeed in your Skype interviews

In every interview you have to have a good presence. But if, in addition, it is a Skype interview, there are more details to keep in mind so that everything goes well.

Face-to-face interviews are a classic in the world of work, but Skype interviews are increasingly frequent, since they allow people to talk with people avoiding their travel and saving the interviewer and the interviewees time.

  • Norway presents a building that creates more energy than it consumes

In Norway they have presented a green building, capable of producing more energy than it consumes to operate and maintain.

One of the pillars that will support the future of energy will be efficiency. In both vehicles and infrastructure construction, this aspect is one of the most sought after. Energy consumption will increase in the coming years, due to the progress of developing countries or the overall growth of infrastructure. Hence the desire to limit the amount of energy needed for each function.

  • Radars to prevent noise pollution in cities

In Paris they have begun testing ‘noise radars’, to automatically identify and sanction the noise emitter.

Within cities there is a type of pollution that is often ignored or neglected. It is made up of the noises that constantly cross streets and parks and sneak into homes. It is also invisible and, in this case, odorless. But its effects can also affect health, as is the case with nervous people.

  • EnlightED returns, the world conference that debates education in the digital age

The international meeting on education, innovation and EdTech will be held in Madrid from October 2 to 4. enlightED will bring together the best world experts in education and select ten startups that, after being awarded, will participate in the South Summit 2019.

What will the education of the future be like? What role will technology play? These questions will be addressed in enlightED 2019, the world conference that will bring together one more year experts in education, technology and innovation to promote a great debate on education in the digital age.

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