Can companies create a “Cyber resiliency” ?

Many companies suffer hundreds of cyber attacks in a year and the only way to create a cyber-resiliency is to start a change from the top.

We are in an era where all users and companies are connected to each other. But the fact of being connected involves a series of risks such as being a victim of some cyber attack.

Currently, the only way to be immune to these cyber attacks (100% effective) is to be disconnected from the world. A fact that is practically impossible both for us, users, and for large and small businesses.

In 2017, one in three companies suffered a cyberattack affecting their finances, interrupted their production and even some affected their reputation as a company.

What does this mean? It means that no company, however powerful, is immune to these attacks.

What should companies do?
In addition to focusing on attack prevention, companies have to make sure they have a quick response to recover and maintain operations. In short, they have to be cyber-resistant companies.

A good cybersecurity defense system is based on networks, devices and employees, whether they are mere workers or senior managers of a company. This means that there has to be an implication of senior positions.

To do this, they have to invest in the development of systems and networks in addition to design and infrastructure. In turn, companies have to foster a culture among cybersecurity awareness employees, it is an essential element for the organization.

For many, in the field of cybersecurity, the human factor is the weakest link. And this is because two thirds of the great cyberattacks have been caused by an oversight or a failure of employees.

Therefore, organizations want to promote network security through actions such as identifying and pointing out the failures of the organization, training for workers, updating their knowledge, and establishing training programs and implementing human resources policies related to cybersecurity.

Looking ahead
As the years go by, new threats arise and companies adopt new technologies. That is why organizations must be prepared to face these new challenges.

Vulnerabilities of the Internet of Things (IoT), the complexities of blockchain or the lack of resources of the Security Operations Centers are several of the challenges that companies have to face to achieve a cyber-resistant culture where every day that passes there is a new Threat in the digital world.

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