Build your own drone with Flybrix

Flybrix is an American company that sells drones, but its products have a peculiarity: they are sold with loose, unmounted parts, so that it is the same customer who does it. Its objective is to promote public contact with robotics.

Drones are usually small in size, but manufacturing is not an easy task. At least, for people who are not familiar with technology and technical processes. Typically, for the convenience of the customer, they are sold ready to operate.

Flybrix is an American company that makes a novel bet in this regard: it sells packages of drums without mounting, so that you are in charge of building your own drone. From simple instructions, accessible even to people who have no prior knowledge, you can assemble all the necessary components to make it work.

The process – they say on their website – is very fast. So much so that, in case the drone breaks when it hits a wall or other obstacle – a quite probable situation – it can be rearmed without taking too much time.

construir tu propio dron

Aimed at anyone who wants to experience and learn

Great conditions, no doubt, to play and experiment with the drone. Well, this is one of the main goals of the company, which encourages testing the product and even exploring different forms, such as several helicopter versions.

However, these different suggestions are not the only possibilities of finishing. Being composed of Lego pieces, from Flybrix they announce that users can expand the drone frame with more toy blocks, to their liking and preference. And even, it is possible to incorporate more engines. Where is the limit? They leave it to each one’s imagination and ability.

On its website we can read the following ideas that synthesize the philosophy of this project well: “Playing is the best way to learn, no matter what you know. Trial and error experiments are the key to creative problem solving. Learning about drones must be safe and accessible. The development of open source ultimately leads to better products. ”

For this reason, schools are an ideal place to apply. This is expressed from Flybrix, indicating that its products are already used in more than 500 centers in the United States. A good option for Technology subjects, with which new generations can discover robotics, as well as develop skills as important as creativity.

In constant innovation

Another interesting feature of their products is that they can be directed from the mobile phone. After building your own drone it is feasible to pilot it from an app, although it is also possible to acquire a command to do so if you prefer the movement of these controls.

You can purchase the packages on their website from $ 150, where they also publish useful information and funny news of their advances and experiments. They are already going for the fourth software version and for the fifth hardware.

They also invite users to share their impressions and suggestions, as they are investigating. You can do it in this section.

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