Blue bees return, a species considered extinct

Bees are considered essential insects on our planet. Unfortunately, by human action, in most cases, many species become extinct, but nature can provide a second chance.

The Osmia calimthae, commonly known as the blue bee, was a species found in 2011. Unfortunately, this animal had a short journey since it was considered extinct in 2016.

The reason why it was considered missing was because there was no presence of this insect, but researchers at the Florida Museum of Natural History (USA) have detected new sightings of this bluish insect.

A strange species

This variety of bees stands out for its dark blue metallic color and has only been found in areas of Lake Wales Ridge, in Florida.

This location is considered worldwide as a reference point for biodiversity, but it is running the risk of disappearing according to a study carried out by the United States Fish and Wildlife Service in 2015.

The most surprising thing is that four years after considering this extinct species it has re-emerged. It all started when Chase Kimmel, a museum researcher, ventured in March to investigate the area where blue bees used to live and find out what the population was like and what their eating habits were.

During his journey, he found these blue bees in three areas that were known and in six new locations that were more than 80 kilometers away from previous locations.

Abejas azules

Peculiar and important

The discovery of this species represents a great advance in the scientific field and the objective is for the blue bee to stay as long as possible.

These bees nest alone and have a diet based on Clinopodium ashei, a variant plant of mint that is threatened due to the action of humans on the habitat.

Remember that no blue bee nests have been found, but it is known to use burrows or tree holes as a residence.

As you can see, nature often offers second chances and with this finding it shows that there is a lot to learn about an animal that is essential for our planet.

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