Best Solutions to work with PDF in Chrome

The PDF format is practical and is present in many areas. In addition, Google Chrome facilitates its manipulation with the help of extensions and add-ons.

In several articles I have praised the PDF format as one of the most useful if we want to digitize our paper documentation, manipulate it and share it. It takes up little space, supports images, links and annotations, can be password protected and read by any modern platform and device …

As for its manipulation, today it is possible to create a PDF document from any file simply by sending that document to print from Office or from the browser. In most we will find the option Convert to PDF or similar. In addition, current browsers allow you to open a PDF directly from a window or tab.

To improve the management of PDF documents that Google Chrome allows, we recommend four extensions that will make it even easier for you to deal with a PDF at home or at work.

Texthelp PDF Reader

We start with a PDF reader full of additional functions. Texthelp PDF Reader not only facilitates the viewing of PDF documents, it also offers useful functions such as reading PDF text aloud, translating words or searching for them in the dictionary, including annotations and highlighting the most important colors …

Once we have “edited” the PDF we will have the possibility to save the document with the changes in Google Drive, download it to our computer, print it or share it with other users.

Smart PDF

With this practical extension called Smart PDF you can convert documents in various formats to PDF and vice versa, directly from the Chrome browser.

Conversion combinations include PDF, JPG and Office documents such as Word, Excel and PowerPoint. That is, we can turn in one direction and the opposite to edit the content or to share it more comfortably, by pressing a button.

Another advantage of using Smart PDF is that it allows you to access the content of Dropbox and Google Drive as well as save the conversions right there without downloading anything to your computer.

Save emails to PDF

If you want to save a copy of the emails you receive in PDf format, with Save emails to PDF you can do it comfortably and without leaving Gmail.

You can save a message separately or a complete conversation. So, in addition to having emails in your Gmail trays, you will have a PDF copy on hand in case you need to retrieve or print it.

Save emails to PDF also allows you to include a password in the generated PDF to keep it protected and even export the emails in PDF into a compressed ZIP file or save the messages in a CSV or Excel spreadsheet.


Another practical extension for Google Chrome that allows dealing with PDF documents is Smallpdf, which collects several functions such as converting PDF to Word, Excel or PowerPoint and vice versa, reducing the size of a PDF to facilitate its sending by email, for example, etc.

Smallpdf also allows you to include a signature in the PDF document, delete pages, merge two or more PDFs and edit their content. Otherwise, it is compatible with Dropbox and Google Drive, where we can extract PDF documents and return them once they have been edited.

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