Best Electric Aircraft you could be flying in soon

Using electric planes to make long trips for now is impossible, but there are other alternatives.

Electric vehicles are the order of the day. But when we talk about electric vehicles, a car comes to mind. Many are the news we read about these vehicles and their news. We talked about the use of the connected car and its improvements, such as, for example, Telefónica’s initiative for accident prevention thanks to connected cars.

With an electric car we can do about 200 kilometers, Tesla can even reach 500 kilometers in good condition, but we could do it big and use electric planes. So why not use this form of transportation?

Aviation and pollution
Air transport is responsible for 2.6% of the emissions of carbon dioxide emitted by humans, and there is a risk that this percentage increases in 2050 to 10%. Therefore, many manufacturers carry out more efficient aircraft projects and billions of dollars have been invested to develop greener fuels.

However, there are several problems that prevent these improvements from moving forward. A clear example would be the renewal of the air fleets that would be many years of waiting for the total renovation. Another alternative of the aviation industry is to follow in the footsteps of its counterparts, electric cars, and use batteries.

There are already cases of electric planes in any case. The use of two-seater aircraft, pilot practice models and some prototype used in the short distance is known, but none could compete today with the large fuel aircraft.

At this point, never better, electric aviation is feasible, but there is a problem: we would need very large batteries to move an airplane. To get an idea: a medium or long distance aircraft has an average capacity of 25,000 liters of fuel. Well, for such an aircraft to be able to operate at full capacity with an electric battery, we would need a model that weighs 500 tons (that is, the maximum load of an aircraft of that caliber is 80 tons).

Still there are alternatives
This whole situation can be modified within 10 or 15 years, although there are shorter distances that we can fly with electric batteries.

There are more than 170 prototypes created and the vast majority have the objective of creating a new business: urban air mobility or air taxis.

In the future, not very far in this case, we will be able to see these new vehicles in the big cities of the planet, where the taxi business would be highly competitive in terms of saving time and energy.

Most of these projects take into account the replacement of the pilot with artificial intelligence systems as with smart cars.

All this can remind us of science fiction movies. Flying vehicles, autonomous, ecological … Although the reality is that this is very close to happen and we can use flying vehicles, even to travel to the airport.

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