Australia on fire: what are the consequences and possible solutions?

Fires in Australia have caused the loss of 1 billion animals and the only solution is to take immediate action against climate change.

Just four months ago we saw how the lung of our planet, the Amazon, burned uncontrollably in Brazil, extending even to other countries such as Bolivia and Peru. The increase in the number of fires by 83 percent alarmed experts and an entire society increasingly aware of climate change. The fire does not give truce and now it is the turn of Australia.

For more than three months this country has been enduring an environmental tragedy. While it is true, every year there are numerous fires in Australia as it is one of the warmest and driest countries on the planet. However, global warming has intensified its consequences and this year there has been an international alarm.

A unique biodiversity lost

Australia began to burn before the month of September during its spring season, but it was from this month that fires intensified due to high temperatures. The smoke has reached countries like Argentina or Chile, and what is even more incredible: a NASA satellite has analyzed its movement around the world, so that the smoke has gone around the Earth.

The effects are devastating. Nearly 10 million hectares are burned, 28 people have already lost their lives, 2,000 homes have completely burned and 1,000 million animals have died. Some figures with a bleak face.

Without doubt, the great concern is the loss of all this biodiversity. “I think there is nothing that can be compared to the devastation that is happening in such a large area so quickly. It is a monstrous event in terms of geography and the number of individual animals affected, ”said Christopher Dickman, a professor of Earth Ecology at the University of Sydney in Australia.

Consequences and global solutions

Another of the great dangers for which to declare the climatic emergency is the pollution that is taking place as a result of the intense fires. In fact, Canberra (capital of Australia) has suffered the worst historical pollution data and the effects of smoke are visible in much of the country.

It is estimated that the fires have poured into the atmosphere approximately 400 million tons of CO2, quantities that will aggravate the already demonstrated effects of climate change. What can we do? Why does nobody talk about a solution?

The only solution is to act immediately to stop global warming in the face of an unprecedented climatic emergency. Some of its effects are already irreparable, as we have seen in a good part of the globe, but we can learn to prevent catastrophes of this magnitude from happening again.

Society demands a shift towards a sustainable system that respects natural resources. Until when are we going to wait?

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