Artificial Intelligence arrives in Vienna: intelligent traffic lights

AI is more present in our day to day than we believe. The latest news is smart traffic lights in Vienna. These are activated when they detect the presence of a person.

There is no point in interrupting fluid traffic on a street because there is a traffic light at a crosswalk through which no one is traveling. This situation despairs every day to thousands of drivers, including Horst Possegger, head of the research team at the Technological University of Graz, who has developed the idea.

Smart traffic lights «are equipped with a camera that locates the approaching pedestrians. The camera differentiates whether there are ten people waiting or 3 approaching, and depending on that the traffic light changes or waits for a while, ”explains Horst.

The system has been driven by selflearning

Artificial Intelligence is what has made this technological advance capable, which has positioned Vienna as the first city to install a method of this kind. ** This system has been based on the science of “self-learning”, very present in AI technology.

Despite the great advances, there is still room for improvement. «Over time it becomes more precise. At the beginning we place it at the crossroads and, after observing for half a day the people who cross the street, the system interprets the patterns that correspond to the people who wish to cross, ”the creators agree.

viena semáforos inteligentes

Currently, there are 3 smart traffic lights in operation within the city. Thanks to the efforts of the team, it is estimated that there will be a total of 200 in 2020. The installation process is not as fast as expected, and each unit costs about 15,000 euros.

Despite the high cost, this system is very beneficial for road traffic. Well, in addition to favoring the flow of traffic at present, ** these intelligent traffic lights collect data on the activity of the crossings. ** Through this information you can get to develop more productive schedules in other road facilities.

The company’s plan is to take these smart traffic lights to other cities, many have already shown interest in the initiative. However, it is still unknown what they are.

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