Apple maintains a 1% growth despite the decline in iPhone sales

Apple maintains a 1% growth despite the decline in iPhone sales

Apple records revenues of 53,809 million dollars in the third fiscal quarter and maintains a slight growth thanks to other business lines such as wearables.

On January 30, we knew the financial results of Apple’s last quarter of 2018 with a bitter taste. Tim Cook’s company confirmed a 4.5 percent drop in revenue and 0.5 percent in profits due, above all, to the situation and slowdown in China with iPhone XR sales.

The apple company has just released its latest financial results of the third fiscal quarter and, for the moment, can breathe easy even if they are not ambitious. Although the loss of revenue from the sale of the iPhone is evident after 10 years since its launch, the company has chosen to diversify the sale of its products to keep growth stable.

IPhone revenue is 12% less
In this sense, Apple has registered a growth of 1 percent over the same quarter of 2018, which translates into revenues of 53.809 million dollars. However, this growth has been thanks to other products such as wearables.

The iPhone continues in free fall in terms of sales, since its revenues are almost 12 percent lower than the same quarter last year and 16 percent less than the previous quarter of this year. What is happening in Apple? The main reason, as we have said, has to do with the loss of income of the iPhone, since they have gone from 29,470 million dollars in the same period of 2018 to 25,990 million this year.

During the first quarter of the year, revenues were reduced by 15 percent, and thanks to Apple Watch, HomePod and other business lines it has remained. These products have reported 48 percent annual growth. In fact, they have generated $ 11.46 billion in revenue compared to 10,170 million last year on the same dates.

Finally, regarding sales according to geographic location, China continues to report a decrease of approximately 4 percent year-on-year revenue.

Japan maintains an increase of 5.5 percent, and the rest of Asia Pacific countries of 13 percent.

As for, we can observe a reduction of almost 2 percent, and in America an increase of 2 percent.

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