Airhopping: the low cost air interrail «made in Spain».

That trips in an unconventional way and at a suitable price for your pockets is the end of a group of young entrepreneurs who have launched the Airhopping project: An air interrail that will allow you to travel up to four different destinations for € 150.

Airhopping presents a fast and economical way to travel to two or four destinations in Europe on the same trip. This Air Interrail is a web platform that works as a search engine for the best deals on flights and plan the days of stays in each of the cities you want to visit.

Three young Spanish entrepreneurs launched this project last year and each time has more followers. The Valencian startup team is made up of Carlos Mentesinos CEO of the platform, Gonzalo Ortega as Technology Director and Itziar Oltra as Marketing Manager, two of them, Carlos and Gonzalo, the founders of Airhopping.


3 cities, 100 euros
These three young people intend to transfer the concept of the interrail to the plane. Carlos Mentesinos (CEO) recently graduating from ADE, says that the algorithm with which Arihopping works is able to find the cheapest combinations of routes within the period of days chosen by the client. “In Airhopping we are able to get trips in which at least 3 cities are visited for around 100 euros.”

This platform offers round-trip flights from the Spanish airports of Malaga, Palma de Mallorca, Alicante, Valencia, Barcelona and Madrid working with all European airports. In addition, Carlos adds that, so far the algorithm has the order to prioritize the price of the route; an idea that has made them stand out from their more direct competitors; but that they are considering adding a second order that takes into account that if the price does not vary much, prioritize some airports over others for greater customer comfort.


At the moment, from Airhopping, they do not plan to expand the list of Spanish airports that can offer this service because they seek to provide a complete service and prevent customers from finding possible combinations due to lack of regular flights during the days they intend to travel.

Airhopping has managed more than 2000 flights in less than a year of life that this project has. “It is a platform focused on traveling to more than one destination. It is possible to optimize the price of that complete trip instead of looking for each link one by one, since there are thousands and thousands of combinations and routes that you could do and we simplify that work to you with a click ”adds Gonzalo Ortega.

Travel suitcases

What are you waiting for?
The majority of its clients are young people who travel with them for the first time, although more family trips are also targeted to this option of cheap flights.

Now that the algorithm developed by the Airhopping team watches over our pockets and offers us this alternative to travel … What excuse do you have to not pack and launch, once again, the adventure of knowing those European cities that, for lack of time, you could not visit?

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