Air Europa and Iberia: A new way of traveling thanks to experiential tourism?

Tourism only grows. More and more people decide to travel and visit new cities. Given this phenomenon, Air Europa and Iberia present their Movistar Living Apps to differentiate themselves through experiential tourism and promote a new way of travel.

Did you know that in 2018 tourism worldwide grew 6%? That means 1,400 million travelers worldwide traveling through different cities throughout the year. For our side, the Spanish prefer to travel in summer: in August 33% of the reservations are made while in July 22%. A new way of traveling is on its way.

However, one of the biggest challenges when it comes to finding a trip is the lack of time, choosing the destination city and then the activities to do there. On average, a user spends 4 hours and 33 minutes searching, comparing and booking activities in the city where he is traveling.

Regarding choosing the destination, it seems that many users have agreed this 2019: the most demanded have been Japan, Norway, Russia, Jordan and Morocco. Under this scenario in which traveling is becoming one of our favorite leisure goals, the question arises: What kind of trip to choose? How to select an offer among so much information? And the activities, all those who recommend blogs are for me? Will the information be updated?

Experiential tourism: Air Europa and Iberia, examples of innovation in the sector

In the case of Air Europa and Iberia, both companies have chosen to move away from the competition by providing differential value to their customers. Specifically, they have opted for the Movistar Living Apps initiative. They are a series of applications available in the Movistar + menu and in Movistar Home, which allow both Telefónica and leading companies to develop new experiences for their customers.

Air Europa at Movistar Living Apps

The Air Europa app in Movistar makes it easy for users to search for trips. Both with the voice command «OK Aura, I want to travel at Christmas for less than € 100» or through the remote control, you can see a series of destinations that fit the dates, duration and budget you want through your TV You can browse through the different options until you find the one that interests you most.

Then, with “OK Aura, I want to see the offer”, you can enter the destination detail to see the flight schedules and, finally, with “OK Aura, I want to call to hire” you can buy the trip and think about the next steps : see where you want to enjoy a delicious breakfast, what museum to visit or where the shopping area is.

Iberia at Movistar Living Apps

On the other hand, Iberia has proposed to enrich the travel experience of its customers. Do you feel like traveling, but you are not sure where? Or do you already have your flight, but you don’t know what to do there? In that case, sit back and enjoy, because Iberia offers you a variety of destinations and special content so you can get to know them in depth before traveling.

With “OK Aura, I want to see Tokyo” you can see a video guide and content created specifically for you to discover the most interesting aspects of the destination. You will also discover a section with recommendations to make during the trip and with saying “OK Aura, book on the web” (or click with the remote control on the option) you will get a QR to go directly to the section of your website with the trip you want.

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