A giant penguin in New Zealand

New Zealand surprises us again, this time with the remains of a giant penguin who was king of the ocean just after the disappearance of the dinosaurs. He measured 1.60 meters and weighed 80 kilos. We introduce you to Crossvallia waiparensis.

Scientists believe that after the extinction of dinosaurs, marine reptiles and giant fish, it was the giant penguins that reigned over land and sea. They were kings of the oceans for about 30 million years. But later, they were displaced by large mammals.

In New Zealand, a giant penguin fossil has been discovered that came to measure the same as an adult person. Those responsible for this discovery have been the Canterbury Museum, which has published it in Alcheringa magazine.

The fossil’s discovery has been very important, since it has managed to connect the history of giant penguins with Antarctica, where a similar penguin species was found in 2000, according to ABC.
The fossil is 1.60 meters tall and has been named as Crossvallia waiparensis. It had a weight of about 80 kilos and exceeded the emperor penguin by 40 centimeters, the largest of today’s penguins. It is estimated that he lived 66 to 56 million years ago, coinciding with the Paleocene, just after the disappearance of the dinosaurs.

The remains that have been found have been the legs. They were located on the banks of the Waipara River and show that for Crossvallia waiparensis, their legs had a very important role in swimming, something that differs from current penguins.

New Zealand is known for housing other impressive giant bird fossils, such as the giant parrot, which was recently discovered. The Canterbury Museum team also mentioned that they had made another discovery but they are still working on it and will publish it soon. What will they surprise us with?

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