9 steps to make your business a success through the Canvas model

One of the fundamental objectives when developing a business is to add value to our business idea. Since 2008, the Canvas model proposes a simple methodology for our business to succeed.

When an entrepreneur first considers a business idea, it is not easy to initially move the project that floats in his head to a tangible reality, which can be profitable in the short or medium term. For years, different business schools have taught strategies that can ensure that our initiative becomes a success.

This task sometimes clashes with reality. And it is that the different existing business models do not always represent the perfect solutions for our business proposal. Will there be any almost perfect methodology that can overcome the drawbacks of the previous proposals? In 2008, when no one expected an answer to this question, what was later known as the Canvas model was born.

The methodology, developed by Alexander Osterwalder, is consolidating itself as a real alternative to add value to business ideas. This objective, which should be the leitmotif of any entrepreneur, is not a simple task. However, the Canvas model is a tool simple enough to be applied in any scenario: small, medium and large companies, regardless of their business strategy and target audience.

The simplicity of the Canvas model, key to its success
One of the most important points of Osterwalder’s idea was the simplification of the methodology. Although initially his proposal was published in his doctoral thesis on the ontology of business models, in 2004, when the free one officially appeared on the Canvas model, it was observed that it was really easy to implement the 9 steps of his proposal:

-Segment customers, to know the niche market and the opportunities of our business.
-Define the value proposition well, in other words, know why we are innovative and what differentiates us from our competition and brings us closer to potential customers.
– Delimit the communication, distribution and advertising strategy channels that we will follow, to strengthen our brand and business idea.
– Establish the relationship we will maintain with customers.
– Determine the economic sources of our business idea, a fundamental aspect if we want to succeed.
– Identify the key assets and resources that we will need as essential pieces in the gear of the business idea.
– Know the key activities that will give value to our brand, and know the necessary strategies to enhance them
Take into account the key partners with whom to establish contacts and alliances for the business. In other words, define networking strategies with potential partners or suppliers, among other important figures.
– Mark the cost structures, to get to know the price that the client will have to pay to acquire the good or service that our business idea will offer.
– To identify the necessary steps to apply the Canvas model in our business, we can be guided by the following scheme, disseminated by the Chile Innovation platform:

Will the Canvas model be the definitive methodology to be able to add value to our business ideas successfully? At the moment, the fame that is reaching its proposal makes us hope for its good functioning in business ideas. And it is that simplicity seems to be the key to its success.

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