42 Madrid is inaugurated, the employability campus of the future

“If you don’t have classes, it’s 42. If you don’t have teachers, it’s 42. If you don’t have schedules, it’s 42. If you don’t have an age limit, it’s 42. If it’s free, it’s 42”. Yes, this new way of learning, where the most important thing is not to follow a routine, but to have discipline with what one does, exists, and has been inaugurated today in Madrid, and recently in São Paulo, by the hand of Fundación Telefónica. In addition, model 42 will expand to four more Spanish cities in the next 18 months.

The most innovative of 42? All. His philosophy is based on the principle of “learn to learn”, without classes, without schedules and without teachers. The student chooses his learning path with values such as shared effort and the ability to overcome.

Being an innovative pedagogy, it requires a space to match. Therefore, it is located in the heart of Telefónica, in ‘Studio42’, a place designed to foster creativity. Multi-purpose and accessible 24 hours a day, seven days a week. In it, students can work freely and receive talks, workshops and other activities focused on amplifying their more artistic facet. «In the University you learn by studying, in 42 you learn by doing» or «in 42 teamwork is not only an option, it is the only option», are some of the statements of the first participants in this project.

Studio42 ’also has digital disconnect modules, where students can relax

The campus will open its doors, officially, on November 4, although it is already possible to access it, since at this time the final candidates are conducting the final entrance exams. The kick-off of the call for this I edition took place in June and almost 8,000 people registered in the first 48 hours. Today, the campus has received more than 17,000 applications. The course will begin with 300 students, a figure that will increase in a staggered way until it reaches 900 participants.

Today at the inauguration, the president of Telefónica, José María Álvarez-Pallete, has announced that in the next 18 months the challenge of expanding the 42 model is assumed. Barcelona, ​​Bizkaia, Valencia and Malaga will be the four Spanish cities chosen to boost the initiative. In addition, the model will have a presence in several Latin American countries. This process will be carried out by private and public entities, which share the commitment to digital education as an element of progress and social cohesion.

Fundación Telefónica has been betting on digital skills training for more than 20 years. And now, with 42, he goes a step further, moving ahead to the future and deepening new employability. Thus, it promotes a methodology based on peer to peer and gamification, which is backed by the 100% success of labor insertion in more than 20 countries and four continents in which 42 is already present.

Congratulations to all the participants!

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