4 sectors that will lead the digital transformation before you know it

A few years ago talking with machines seemed like science fiction. But the truth is that, almost without realizing it, we have incorporated in our lives voice assistants, chatbots and other technology with which we live in a very close way. In fact, we are inviting you to be part of our family nucleus by positioning them in privileged places of our house.

In El Poder de la Voz, a meeting organized by Planet ChatBot, it was analyzed and discussed how users and brands are facing this new paradigm, where there are generations that have been born with these technologies already implemented.

The commitment of the sectors that will lead the digital transformation

Nacho Tovar, Director of Innovation and Digital Transformation of Iberia, defended the importance of contemplating these new tools as opportunities to facilitate day-to-day life for consumers and offer new experiences. Regarding this, Iberia’s position was very clear: “We need to define simple, valuable experiences in the channels where our clients really are. The voice assistant does not replace existing ones, but complements them. ” The possibility of having chatbots allows users to choose how we want to make inquiries: we can choose to have immediate answers from the hand of digital assistants (through a WhatsApp chatbot, for example), or go to a call center to be attended by an operator. The opportunity to choose gives us different scenarios where companies must take a step forward to adapt their communication and effectiveness according to the wishes of the users.

But, besides choosing, what can all these innovations bring us? Irene Gómez, Director of Aura of Telefónica, launched an example in which voice assistants emerge as a value-added proposal: “It catches my attention a lot, and already outside the Telco world, I think there will be a lot of power in the car theme, because it is a space in which you certainly do not have your hands as a tool to communicate. And I think it will be a challenge. ”

Under this umbrella, Domingo Gónzalez, Conversational Artificial Intelligence Product Manager, Globe Innovation at Nestlé, highlighted an interesting use case where voice assistants can also provide real value to their clients: helping families improve child nutrition, allowing them Use your voice to consult or follow a specific recipe. But they are not the only ones who think of the smallest of the house. The education sector relies on Artificial Intelligence to be able to join efforts to the role of parents and teachers, being able to reinforce knowledge or expand them through voice assistants. In this case, we could ask things like: “Is bat a word esdrújula?”

Ecosystem of the home: Telefónica’s commitment

Although there are many ways to approach these realities, Telefónica’s commitment promises to link all this technology in the same axis: the home. Irene Gómez said that the Telco will have a fundamental role in the use of Artificial Intelligence: “We are putting a lot of emphasis on the home because in the end we already have a presence, we have connectivity, we give television services… we have a created world and we see a lot power in what is the interaction through the voice at home ”.

Perhaps at this point, where there are so many competitors and so many technologies that fight to conquer the end user, it is vitally important to provide them with coherence and combine them to make sense of them. To make them simpler, useful and practical.

In this case, Telefónica is committed to creating a home ecosystem where it is the user who chooses what to use, where and how to do it, allowing superior connectivity that connects different devices to be at our service. And all this is thanks to the implementation of Aura, the Artificial Intelligence of Telefónica. An AI with cognitive abilities that learns from the user and offers personalized answers to their queries.

We will be the ones who will choose if we prefer to use the voice, the screen or the remote control. But it will be technology that must learn how it can have a place in our lives.

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