3D presentations and custom maps with Google Earth

Google Earth has introduced new features that allow you to create custom maps and stories using the graphics available in this geography app.

Since Google launched its Google Earth app in 2001, it has been introducing constant improvements in the form of improved maps, high-quality images of any corner of the planet and the galaxy and, in short, has put it in the hands of the public an impressive catalog of geographic graphic resources.

Currently, it is possible to enjoy Google Earth from Google Chrome, from your iPhone, iPad and Android apps and from your desktop versions for Windows, Mac and Linux. You will find all the versions here.

Basically, Google Earth helps us travel the world in a thousand different ways. You can also see details of monuments, buildings or landforms in 2D or 3D. That and get information on the areas we are visiting. And finally, enjoy images, videos and maps of any corner of the earth and other celestial bodies.

But this tool has improved so much that we can even fly by plane using Google Earth as a flight simulator. That and many more surprises they give for another article.

Traveling in a presentation
Let’s say you want to talk about a city, several places of interest. Or you want to explain a trip between several geographical points … You can create a presentation with images or take advantage of the Google Earth graphic catalog and its special effects to achieve a professional presentation in minutes.

In any of its versions, Google Earth facilitates the creation of a presentation from Projects. We create a new project and choose the elements that will be part of the presentation and that can be specific points or paths from a point A to a point B. We can mark them on the map or search them directly and add them to the project.

Once we have selected all the places we want to talk about, we can start the presentation by clicking on Presentation. With the help of a content index we will move through the points of interest that we have previously marked to graphically accompany our oral explanation.

Another peculiarity is that we can create points of interest wherever we want. That and create information boxes with highlighted icons and where to insert an explanation in the form of text and the occasional accompanying image. For example, we can explain a trip highlighting each point, explain monuments or sculptures of a location available in 3D … The possibilities are virtually endless.

These presentations are automatically saved in our Google Drive space associated with our Google account. Other peculiarities: we can work alone with the presentations or do it as a team inviting other users, as well as share the presentation like any other Google Drive document.

In short, Google Earth presentations are a different and more complete way to create custom maps in the style of Google Maps. In addition to using them for own or other trips, geography or history classes, we can take advantage of them for all kinds of presentations where we need a graphic support of this type.

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